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We are highly motivated, focused and driven – much like you. And just like you, your event is unique. This is where we come in. At Idext, our team is armed with over a decade of experience enabling us to effectively communicate with our client and successfully steer your vision into reality. Our event and project management bridges extensive planning with resourceful adaptability, and we also specialize in a proprietary online and onsite registration system.

Idext is proudly local with a regional reach, tapping our extensive contacts across the globe to wherever your event needs to be. Our partnership will ensure creative and customized solutions to fulfill your business marketing objectives for a high quality and all-inclusive experiential event.

Pat • Head of Quietly Judging
Nat • Designer Extraordinaire
Waan • Dir. of Bean-Counting
Stefan • Software Ninjaneer
Meaw • The Boss (actually)
Wendy • Project Alchemist
Poii • In-house Hacker
Meaw+ • Hotel Whisperer
Alex • VP of Misc. Stuff

Regional leadership meetings for over 150 people can be a daunting and stressful prospect to manage. Having the right partner and support however makes all the difference not just in terms of the success of the event but also how smoothly the whole process can be.  With Pat, Wendy and Stefan, they were not only a pleasure to work with, but their professionalism and know-how ensured that every requirement and challenge was managed seamlessly and effectively, resulting in a fantastic experience for all participants and leaders involved. Looking forward to working with the team again for future events!

Pamela Tan - Head of Corporate Communications, Electrolux Asia Pacific

We have received feedback from our senior management, overseas colleagues and distribution partners that the “FIGHTING FIT” event in Bangkok was the best they have attended so far. A HUGE thank you to the IDEXT team for their dedication, attention to details and excellent execution thus making the event so memorable for everyone.

Mike Phua, VP Market Development, Vishay Asia.

I've been working with Pat and the Idext team for more than five years, and between eight to ten events. It is always a pleasure to work with a team that is so professional and eager to please. They will always go the extra mile to make things run smoothly and look good on the day!

Chris White - Director, Executive Networks Media

Team Idext led by Pat and Stefan was simply awesome! They came up with a perfect web solution to our event requirements and were always prompt and accommodating to all our last minute changes and ever-changing event itinerary. On site, event flow was fantastic and we were able to collate our data for the client efficiently and quickly. I would definitely recommend this team to anyone looking for a professional web vendor. They are simply one of the best I have worked with in the industry.

Joan Tan - Managing Director, Events Travel Asia Singapore

Organising an event remotely always brings special challenges. Pat and his team at Idext provided world-class support throughout the planning, organising and executing phases of our event. The Idext team offers extraordinary attention to detail and they reacted quickly and positively to all of our requests. I highly recommend Idext to anyone planning an event in Thailand.

Mark Cochrane - UFI Regional Manager, Asia-Pacific