Every event is different, and here at Idext we make sure to customize with integrated solutions. We believe that the underlying process is intrinsically important - these are the 6 tenets we abide by for a successful event.

Let’s talk - from discussing your objectives to refining the deliverables, we listen to what you want and strategize creatively engaging ways to make it happen. Should your event be in Chiang Mai, our inside knowledge of the workings here allows us to anticipate do’s and don’ts which you otherwise might not be privy to. If your event is overseas, rest assure that we have well-established connections throughout Asia.

Our in-house graphic design team will first create a key visual for the event, aligning it with your company’s corporate identity. This distinctive visual then synergizes branding elements across the event’s aesthetics. Detailed 3D renderings of proposed layouts will also be provided so that you can envision the scale of the event before you even step into the venue. A personalized microsite is built as an information repository and to facilitate online registrations. Delegates will be sent a personalized invitation email, which furnishes them with event details.

Whatever your business and budget requirements, we scale the event accordingly to match. With our experienced in-house producers at the helm - perfecting minute details, handling unexpected changes and having Plan B for Plan Bs - your event will be seamless. We are always there, from the moment you arrive to your departure.

The last thing you would want to worry about is missing delegates and guests! Our team at the airport can get instant flight updates via the microsite and be ready to action any changes. Upon arrival, the attendee’s conference ticket is simply scanned and check in is done!

We are ALWAYS present - from working with the hotel on setup, to ensuring that sessions are running perfectly. Professional crews ensure that the event plays out without a technical hitch, while experienced producers make sure that every attendee is well taken care of. Our team will always be on hand and well-equipped to handle pop-up issues and provide quick resolutions - we have got you covered! Curious how many people joined each session or you have multiple breakouts in different rooms to handle? Let us help you by performing door scans and make sure everyone is joining the right session.

The event may have ended, but here’s where the real fun begins - collating immediate feedback online from every (captive) participant via the microsite and working with you to recapture the whole event for posterity. We can also conduct a post-mortem on what works, and what can be improved or incorporated next time. This research and data collection can prove invaluable to future events.

Thank You for considering Idext. We will get back to you shortly!
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